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Submitted Literature

Men in Rage

By Paul Sayer


"Men in Rage” concentrates on our ever-increasing levels of anger in society.

Sayer is the author of several other books. “The Absolution Game” looks at the pressures on social care professionals. His most well-known novel “The Comforts of Madness” brilliantly represents the experience of catatonia, with an accurate depiction of nihilistic delusions and an ontological focus.  “Howling at the Moon” examines morbid jealousy and subsequent deterioration into psychosis.

Key Themes:

  • Revealing Reads
  • Stress

Significant Quotes / Pages

34 – “The knock, its physical contact, had bought a fresh anger, flaring to the borders of psychosis […] Now he was really mad”

Reference: Paul, Sayer. 1998. Men in Rage. London: Bloomsbury, 1999


- Charley Baker
Date Review Submitted: Monday 23rd March 2009