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Submitted Literature

Martian Timeslip

By Philip K Dick


This dark and multilayered novel explores theories of psychosis as disorder of time-perception.

All characters display some traits of mental disorder, prompting the reader to question concepts of normality.

Key Themes:

  • Psychosis

Significant Quotes / Pages

"Purpose of life is unknown, and hence way to be is hidden from the eyes of living critters. Who can say if perhaps the skizophrenics are not correct? Mister, they take a brave journey. They turn away from mere things, which one may handle and turn into practical use; they turn inward to meaning. There, the black night-without-bottom lies, the pit." 

Reference: Philip K, Dick. 1964. Martian Timeslip. various, nd


Ms Pat Bradley
Date Review Submitted: Friday 7th September 2012