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Submitted Literature

Spilt Coffee

By Greg Bauder


Spilt Coffee is one of several books by Greg Bauder. Bauder has a long history of schizoaffective disorder himself and has written several books on this theme.

Bauder's novella focuses on three aging men all of whom have schizoaffective disorder, and their existences within a boarding house, where they are cared for by nurse Virer, who is also the object of their affections and lust.

The book contains some interesting passages on psychosis and LSD experiences:

 ‘I felt my mind was on display, as I entered a large room with those eyes that pierced through glass, watching, carefully distant. They welcomed me and suppressed the voices that once hound-dogged me. I thought of Elvis then, and he appeared and shook my hand. He told me I was in a good place.’

The tone of this novella is at points angry, expressing the harsh realities of long term mental illnesses and institutional care, and at other points humorous. My only small complaint was the ending which feels hurried to me, but otherwise an interesting and readable work.

Key Themes:

  • Schizoaffective Disorder

Reference: Greg, Bauder. -. Spilt Coffee. Publish America, 2010


- Charley Baker
Date Review Submitted: Tuesday 17th May 2011